How wrestling can benefit youth football players

We have posted links to articles in the past that espoused the great benefit wrestling is to athletes who participate in other sports. Football is a commonly linked sport. The article linked below is another great example of how one family was given advice for their middle-school aged son to get involved in wrestling as it would have direct impact on skills necessary to develop into a good football player.

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Tracy Press Coverage of Rod Gaines Varsity Tournament

The Tracy Press covered the recent Rod Gaines varsity tournament. The team took sixth place of more than twenty schools even though Tracy  was handicapped without a full lineup in the team race.  Five medalists from Tracy include two freshmen, Anthony Nunes and Jason Matta. Both freshmen have prior wrestling experience in the Tracy wrestling club and are looking to solidify a permanent spot in the varsity lineup, an honor for freshmen.

Tracy Press story here

Wrestling Hall of Fame and Pro Football Hall of Fame will have “Wrestling and Football” Exhibit

The National Wrestling Hall of Fame is partnering with the Pro Football Hall of Fame to feature a “Wrestling and Football” exhibit at the NCAA Wrestling Fan Fest in the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland – Hall A on March 15-17. Held in conjunction with the NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships in Cleveland, the Fan Fest is free to the public.

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