Dias “True Grit” Scholarship Recipients

The Danae Marie Dias “True Grit” scholarship is awarded annually to the senior wrestler with the most true grit. Danae Dias was a “mat maid” for the Tracy High wrestling team who tragically lost her life. Her family, true fans and supporters of the Tracy High wrestling program established this annual scholarship in her memory. The following are the recipients of this scholarship since the award was established in 2005.

2005Mulholand, Shareese
2006Rond, Luke
2007Strimska, Billy
2008Bergmann, Blair
2009Rond, Daniele
2010Nicholson, Chase
2011Huckaby, Tyler
2012Blackwell, Zach
2013Landersos, Albert
2014Lara, Raul
2015Blackwell, Noah
2016Lopez, Alex
2017Andrade, Juan
2018McCarty, Brock
2018Blackwell, Sammo
2019Gougousis, Anthony